Sunday, December 27, 2009

What Nots

Well, I had a wonderful Christmas. I hope all of you did the same.

I leave for Japan in two days. That is I have two more full days left. I leave on Wednesday in the morning. I haven't packed yet, in fact I haven't given it much thought. I better get going! I have finished my dress and I wore it today, I really do like it. I am trying to get a jacket done to go with it. I hope I can finish it in time!

Well, Wish me good luck!

Celestia over and out.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It has been a good Christmas. We haven't had much this year, so our Christmas was small, but small things make for wonderful experiences. I got woken up today by my favorite 2 year old, he jumped on my bed (with grandma's help) then he cuddled up with me. He went and woke up his parents and then the party began. It was really fun to watch him open his presents, even if he lost interest after only two gifts. He didn't want to finish opening his presents, he only wanted to play with his cars he opened first. But after being forced, and crying the whole while, he finally opened all of his presents. He had a good time playing with his present. I have to say that was the best part of Christmas, especially since I practically new all I was getting. It was nice having my brother and his family here for Christmas and spending it with my Bub (nephew).

I hope all of you are having a good Christmas. So far I have.

5 more days! I am excited to be going! I can't wait. I am still nervous, but I am sure I will get over that as soon as I get in the swing of things. I can't wait to see the school(s) I will teach at.

I have to laugh. My grandmother, when she found out I was going to Japan, told my mom that she has enough money to get me home, just in case. I think she is worrying that something will go terribly wrong and I will get stuck in Japan. No worries Grandmother, I have a return ticket!

Celestia, over and out.

Monday, December 21, 2009

What Nots

I finally got my passport back last week. Really it only took a few days, but it seemed like forever. I just worry to much.

I got some training done for my internship. I have to say that I am so excited to be going over with people who are so fun and exciting! We are the best group of interns ever, well, at least we are the funnest! I am so excited to be going to Japan! We have 8 days left! i still hold that I will be found in the fetal position somewhere in the airport in Japan when it finally hits me that I am in another country to live and work. Then again maybe I will surprise myself. :D

I started a dress today. I cut it out a few days ago, but started to sew it today. I would have finished it, but I had a 3 hour training. Oh well, I have plenty of time to finish it later today. I think I might even have time to sew a few other things too. Mostly I want to get a jacket and vest made and fix a few items. i think I might be able to do that. Then again if I want Christmas p.j.s I will have to make them myself. Maybe I am biting off more then I can chew... But we will see.

Celestia out.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I really should be going to bed. I was ready for bed hours ago. But last minute before I went to bed I got a message that I needed to send in a new resume to the company I have the internship with. They needed it before tomorrow to give to the school I will be teaching at. I am not sure why they can't use the one I sent them earlier.... of well. i finaly got it done and here I am waisting time online as my brain melts from the need to sleep.

Friday, December 11, 2009

19 more days!

Crazy! I only have 19 more days before I fly off to Japan! I am so excited and scared! I sent off my passport and visa application yesterday. I think I am going to have heartburn until I get it back, it is nerve racking sending something so important in the mail even if it was sent securely! AH! There is so much to do and so little time to do it in! Not to mention that Christmas is only 14 days away. Wow…. This is going to be a crazy month! At least I am home and done with school! That is a relief.

Yesterday I went with my parents and my grandma to the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert, it was a lot of fun. Natalie Cole was the guest performer and it was a beautiful concert. I love going to the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concerts, they are so fun, beautiful, clean, and entertaining not to mention the spirit is there.

Well, I’m off to get ready for the season and my trip over seas!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finals and more

Wow, finals are upon us! I just realized today how close I am to being done! I leave to go home a week from tomorrow! I have a final project due tomorrow and two next week. Really they are spaced out quite nicely and I can worrie about one at a time instead of all at once.

My first final, due tomorrow, is almost finished. I need to hem, put on the waist band and button on the skirt, stitch up the neck band and put the buttons on the shirt, and finish up the vest. The vest is the least done, but it is also the easiest one to do. I have to fix the darts and sew in the lining then put on the buttons, but that will only take an hour or so. OH! I still have to make the hat and fix up a few other things.... oh well, I am feeling pretty good that I will be able to finish up everything today. Then tomorrow I will take pictures of my model in the costume and post them. I might even post some pictures to show you how far I am right now.

30 more days! I will be in Tokyo, Japan in the late after noon on the 31st this month!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I finally got back to my blog...

I have been out of it for quite some time! I got home from my mission last Thanksgiving! I have almost been home for a year! I can hardly believe it! I have been so busy that I am now finally getting back into the swing of things and picking things up from before my mission.

I am almost done with the semester at SUU. Finals are going to be tought to get them done just how I want them. I have two final projects and only one test. Both of my projects are going to be hard to get done! My 2D design class will be hard since my artistic talants are not what I would want them to be, my costume construction class will be hard because I have don't have the time I would like to have to do all I would like to do, but it will be fun all the same.

I am going to Japan in a little over a month, I think 40 days from now is about how much longer I have. I am so excited to be teaching in Japan for a few months! I am even staying an extra two weeks to travel and have fun. I will be traveling with a fellow intern. I am way excited and I have a count down going. :D

I am so excited, I splurged and bought a new camera today. I needed a new one since mine took about 30 seconds to a minute between shots, it was a pain. Now I have something decent to take with me to Japan. I really wanted to have something good to take good pictures, and I finally got it! yay for me.