Thursday, June 6, 2013

Camping and hiking in Hawaii

I had quite a few fun opportunities while I was in Hawaii. I got to camp out on the beach with my friends and church group, beach and hiking trip with friends, and seeing a seal on the beach to just name a few.

This is the view of the sunset from out tent. I didn't think to take more pictures of our camp out, but I did get this.

Labor day some friends and I went to a picnic on the beach and this guy decided to come up on the beach and sunbath with us.

He totally ignored us and enjoyed the warm sand and sun.
It was interesting to see big shipping ships on the horizon.

After the beach picnic we went on a hike to Laie falls.

Just try and enter! Off to the side of the trail head has this welcoming sign.

Two of my hiking companions.

This totally reminds me of St. George, Ut.

They stayed a head of us the whole way.

I love the different trees that grow up together. :)

This grove of Ironwood trees is so beautiful and whimsical.

I don't know about you, but I do not associate this view with Hawaii.

Beautiful Ocean Views

There were quite a few points on the hike where there were beautiful Ocean views.

Another hiking companion passing by a creeping tree.

This hike has so many different types of landscapes, this area reminded me of the mountain hikes in Utah.

Finally the falls

Oh my... aren't I just so cute. At least it's proof I was there. ;)

The hike was a lot longer then expected, but that might just be because none of us really knew how long the hike was and how long it would take. But we had a real good time all the same. It was a fun filled day.

I have more pictures and things from Hawaii. Sorry this is so picture heavy, I hope I didn't bore anyone. Next adventure I will post things as they happen so I have better things to say.