Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mission Call

I got my mission call today! I am going to the Illinois Chicago North Spanish speaking mission. I am way excited!

I stayed home sick today. It was about noon when my younger brother got home from school (he is a college student) and he knocked on my door and told me that a white envelope came in the mail today that might interest me. So I got out of bed to open it. Every one was home except my dad, I tried to call him, but he was out to lunch, too bad for him I wasn't about to wait. I opened it with my mom and brother there. It was exciting. I called my grandmas, two of my aunts and my neighbor who is a really good friend. I know there are a lot of people I need to tell, but I am having a hard time remembering who I need to call and let know. I am posting on line and sending e-mails, which should get the word out to most everyone. We will see. How exciting! I leave Dec. 5 for the MTC.

Bear Lake

The lake was a lot of fun. So much fun, in fact, that I got really sun burned! Haha. Go figure, I had to be dumb and not put any sun screen on. I am still suffering from the red burning flesh. Oh well. I went up with my family and my friend Jessi. We had a lot of fun. It was like a mini family reunion, there was a lot of my family up there for Labor Day. Jessi went on a motor boat for the first time and tubing for the first time. We went out in the canoe and went around part of the lake. it was great fun. I have a few pictures of our trip.

There were a lot of tide pools along the edge of the lake.

Sand sculptures, like this lizard, dotted the beach were we were at.

Jessi and I took a walk along the shore and we found a sand castle some boys had just finished. It is supposed to be like Hogwarts. I think they sis a pretty good job.

The clouds were so beautiful while we were there.

This is a picture of Jessi, I really liked how the sun was hitting the water, and having the sun behind her made a really neat effect.

There were quite a few sail boats and catamarans on lake.

I really like the effect of the sun silhouetting everything in the foreground.