Friday, April 1, 2011

Little Squishy Red Sponge

There once was a little squishy red sponge who was so eager to love everyone and be loved in return. She set off in search for friends to fill her heart and life. The Little Squishy Red Sponge seemed to have an endless capacity for all she met. She happily embraced all that would let her and she shared her heart and life with them. She was so happy with all she had in her little squishy heart. She was content with her little world.

Before long, though, some people she had let in carelessly left taking bits and pieces with them. While some others thoughtlessly picked at her destroying little bits and pieces of her. Frightened and hurt she desperately tried to pick up the little bits and pieces she could find and left, clinging to who she had left, and went to find a place where she could be safe. She built up walls and fences to protect her and went on living and loving those she still had. She was confused but kept on loving.

It did not take long before the few people she had left in her little heart also started picking at her. This time there were not little bits and pieces lost, but large pieces were taken and cruelly crumbled and scattered all around, discarded as not. Again the little squishy red sponge tried to pick up the pieces, but she couldn’t find many of them. The wind had blown some pieces of her far and away, while others were taken by birds, and yet others were lost to time and the elements. She was devastated and surprisingly hollow.

The Little Squishy Red Sponge, hurt and lost, left the walls and fences she had built to protect herself and made the long journey home. She was alone, broken and shriveled, to tired and scared to let any one in. She carefully avoided everything as she made her way back to her home.

To her surprise, her family embraced her and loved her when she arrived home from her long journey. They took her in and started to mend the holes so carelessly made in her and in her heart. Piece by piece was mended and replaced, though some could never really heal. Before long she started to feel like her old self. But she knew she could not stay where she was forever. She was happy, but needed more.

With what little courage she could muster, the Little Squishy Red Sponge set off for a far away place to find more of herself. Her travels led her to a magical place, a place she scarce dare dream existed. The people in this magical place embraced her. They took her in and opened their hearts to her. For the first time she was the one who was embraced and loved. She was needed, and she needed them. They loved and nurtured her and in time the Little Squishy Red Sponge was able to let people in again. She was happy and contented with her life.

But life does not stand still and the time soon came for the Little Squishy Red Sponge to go back to the place she came from. The people who had so warmly embraced her were sad at her departure, but were happy at how far she had come while she was with them. To keep her near and always in their hearts they took a piece of her and as a gift they gave a piece of them to keep near to her heart. Armed with their love and a piece of them she left and made the long journey home.

Once back home the Little Squishy Red Sponge set off to find a place for herself in the world. She was scared, but ready to live her life again. She started to build a life, she started to let people in again, but things did not change. She soon found people picking away at her again. Determine to never be broken and shriveled again she started to build a fortress to protect herself. She soon shut out everyone from her life and only clutched to the piece of her friends that had given to her. She was lonely but safe.

Not long after shutting herself up in her fortress she realized a life of loneliness was not a life she wanted to live. She was heartbroken at the thought of being alone and also at the thought of being hurt. But the thought of forever being alone was too much for the Little Squishy Red Sponge to take. So she decided to take short ventures out of her fortress to try to find someone to let into her life. She was scared but determined.

Before long the Little Squishy Red Sponge found some friends. She was not ready to let them in, but she was glad to have someone to go to when she was feeling too lonely. Little by little she started to let them in, but never far enough to hurt her. Her new friends would invite her to do things with them, but she was unsure.

One day she felt the urge to accept an invitation of her new friends to go out with them. She was excited and scared. But something wonderful happened while she was out. She unexpectedly met someone. He sat by her and opened up to her. They talked and talked. She found someone she could easily talk to and felt comfortable around. He was always so kind and thoughtful. She did not know what to think about this new turn of events. She was scared to let him in for fear of being hurt and broken, but she desperately longed to have him in her life and heart. She started to have hope.

This is a work in progress. I am not sure how this is going to end. I suppose I don't know how it is going to end because it hasn't happened yet.