Monday, November 4, 2013

Quick, sort of, update

Here is a glance at the adventures I have been having. I haven't had a lot of time or good enough internet to really keep up on posting lots of grand adventures, so this will have to do for now. I will try and find more time and go through my things so I can get lovely picture up for you. 
Fair warning, this is a very picture heavy post! 

Kyoto Botanical Gardens :)

They had so many beautiful statues 

and so many exotic flowers

Not to mention strange plants

I really liked the hanging gourds. 

Trip to Osaka to see the giant rubber ducky
Tasgall was enjoying the train ride

The rubber duck broke the night before in transit, so this is what they had for us.
This guy was there too.

Here we have the sad rubber ducky....

A Little compensation.... 

Tasgall decided to get his picture taken with one of the rubber duckies that was
 hanging around. He liked the less flashy one.

Jidai Matsuri
 (festival of the ages)

Maybelline was so excited about the horses. :)

A little Engrish love your your viewing
This was found it the bathroom at school. :)

This one is a convenient store. :)

This was just really funny, but I am not entirely sure what it is for or all about.

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Maybelline and Ingelin. :)

Look! I found Southern Utah in Kyoto!

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