Friday, July 16, 2010

The woes of being single

I have been pondering a lot of late the differences between LDS guys and those guys who are not. I know what I want and have been trying to find it in a good catch of an LDS guy, and have found them seriously lacking in one major area: being interested in me. While I see guys who are not LDS, who have great qualities about them and they are very much so not lacking in one category: being interested in me. So, I have been wondering, and have no answer yet, why it is the kind if guy I want to marry is not interested in me? What is the difference between the two.

My mom and I have been discussing this a lot lately, Why LDS guys are not interested and guys who are not are, and we have come up with a variety of different answers, the funniest I will share with you:

1) LDS guys are scared of girls like me and guys who are not LDS are not intimidated easily.

2) I am a curvy girl ( and a tad bit on the plump side), and LDS guys don't like curvy/ plump girls, and guys who are not LDS couldn't care less if I was or not accepting me as I am.

3) (and probably my most favorite) I am a curvy girl and therefore I am a sexual sin, thus LDS guys are scared of me and guys who are not LDS are saying: "Bring on the sinning!"

well, I would go on, but I don't want to take the time to remember it all and then write it down.

So you know, this is all based off of the interactions I have had with the opposite sex. Who had thus far won in regards of interest:

LDS "Boys" Guys who are not LDS
0 35+ (but who is counting)

Oh, the challenge of being a beautiful Single young woman, the guys you want are in hiding (that is if they are actually in existence), and the ones who just don't quite cut it are all standing in line....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mt. Nebo Loop

Mt. Nebo Loop Day Trip

On Monday my parents and i desided to take a drive and go on the Mt. Nebo Loop.
It was quite the experience.
Uah is full of Beauty and History, both old and new.

Our first stop was the Sri Sri Krishna Temple in Salem.
This isn't what you would expect to see in Utah.

Next stop was the Salem House. This was built by my

great great grandpa on my mom's side

Next is the Peteetnet School. We didn't have time to stop and
check anyhing out if we were going up the mountain, so
We didn't find out what this school was all about.

This is the first observation point. I liked the fence and flowers. :D

I love the mountains. :D

Ah! The road!


Haha, my dad. :D We were haveing a lot of fun!

Another fence! It seems like they are everywhere on the loop!
Well, what do you expect, this is Utah.

I jut really liked this view with the sun.

More mountains.

I wish we would have gone earlier in the day, the evening sun wasn't the best
for picture taking.

This was about the highest we went, maybe a little higher.

The Devil's Kitchen is in Utah,
Just in case you where wondering. ;P

Oh Utah, the Beautiful!


This is where the loop dumps out,Well if you are a Mendenhall it does. :D
This is where we stoped to have dinner.

We were tourists for the day, so it wouldn't be complete if I didn't take a
picture of my dinner in the Japanese fashion.
(Only I forgot to take the picture before I started,
so this is half of my dinner. :P)

The Village

Look! I am actually posting something!

I have been busy/ lazy since I have gotten home from Japan. It has been hard to find something worth posting after the excitement of exotic Japan. But I guess I haven't been looking hard enough.

Ok first off, My job is the perfect job for some one who just loves Christmas. I work at the Village Christmas Shoppe @ a little place called Gardner Village.

Gardner Village is a collection of houses from around the area that are historical pioneer homes turned shoppes. It is a quaint little shopping area.

This is my shoppe! :D It is a lot of fun.
Christmas all year long!

Here is our store mascot, Snowball!
(He is about 6-10 lbs lighter in this picture...)

Not only do we sell Christmas, but we have a little thanksgiving and Halloween stuff.

Come check us out!