Sunday, February 5, 2012


Ok, so I have decided to launch an etsy business. I am going to be doing custom made costumes and clothing. So far I don't really have much up there, it is in the "construction" stage while I get everything set up.

I will be taking orders for custom made items as well as making duplicates of items I have already made. I will be designing and making costumes in the coming months and will be selling them. If there is anything you would like to see me make send me a message and I will try and get it going. As I make these items I will be posting my progress here, so keep checking here to see what is new.

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Latest Piece

I have been working on a costume for a friend for her trip to Kami Con. It is a Traditional Hungarian costume.
So here are the designs and the progress up to the finished product.

Ok, so the design is hard to see, I will try and upload a new one so you can see it better.

Here I have the body of the blouse done.

Now for the skirt. I wanted to wait to do the sleeves, I just couldn't wait to start on the skirt.

Now to add the vest. I was so excited for the vest. :D

Finally I have the sleeves! at this point we went and had a fitting before I added the embroidery, so nothing is quite finished yet.

Here it is, the fished product! I managed to finish this at 5:45am after an all nighter, so I don't have any wonderful pictures of it to share with you.

I got this to her the night before she flew off for the con. So as soon as she gets back I will get more pictures with better detail. You can't see the embroidery on the sleeves and the embroidery on the vest is a little hard to see in great detail.